Commit 6e55c8ce authored by Linux User's avatar Linux User
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added -u option for recursively build and upgrade dependencies

parent b89cd095
......@@ -397,15 +397,19 @@ find_aport() {
builddeps() {
local dep pkg
for dep in $depends $makedepends; do
apk_info -e $dep && continue
[ -z "$upgrade" ] && apk_info -e $dep && continue
[ -z "$recursive" ] && die "Missing dependency $dep. Use -r to build recursively"
# sudo apk_add $dep && continue
pkg=$(find_aport $dep) || die "failed to find dependency $dep"
pkg=$(find_aport $dep)
if [ -z "$pkg" ]; then
# try install from system repo as fallback
apk_add ${upgrade:+-u} $dep && continue
die "Failed to find dependency $dep"
# recursively build deps
msg "Entering ${pkg%/*}"
cd ${pkg%/*}
$0 -r || return 1
sudo apk_add $pkg
$0 -r ${upgrade:+-u} || return 1
sudo apk_add ${upgrade:+-u} $pkg
......@@ -415,8 +419,9 @@ usage() {
echo "Options:"
echo " -h Show this help"
echo " -f Force specified cmd, even if they are already done"
echo " -r Recursively build and install dependencies (using sudo)"
echo " -q Quiet"
echo " -r Recursively build and install missing dependencies (using sudo)"
echo " -u Recursively build and upgrade dependencies (using sudo)"
echo ""
echo "Commands:"
echo " checksum Generate checksum to be included in $APKBUILD"
......@@ -448,12 +453,14 @@ checksum() {
while getopts "hfqr" opt; do
while getopts "hfqru" opt; do
case $opt in
'h') usage;;
'f') force=1;;
'q') quiet=1;;
'r') recursive=1;;
'u') upgrade=1
shift $(( $OPTIND - 1 ))
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