Commit 6981f3a6 authored by Oliver Smith's avatar Oliver Smith Committed by Jakub Jirutka

abuild: Change -f (force) to not ignore checksums/init scripts

The force flag used to skip the following functions, without any
documentation in the help (-h) output:

  * verify (checksum verification)
  * initdcheck (check if the init scripts are openrc scripts)
  * check_arch (check if the target architecture is in "arch=")
  * check_libc (check if the target libc is masked in the options)

This was counter-intuitive and could even be dangerous (when one relies
on the checksum verification to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, but
always uses the -f flag).

With this commit, it only skips check_arch and check_libc besides the
package up to date check and the help output mentions this.
parent 54dbf5f3
......@@ -421,10 +421,8 @@ initdcheck() {
# unpack the sources
default_unpack() {
local u
if [ -z "$force" ]; then
verify || return 1
initdcheck || return 1
verify || return 1
initdcheck || return 1
mkdir -p "$srcdir"
for u in $source; do
local s
......@@ -2424,7 +2422,7 @@ usage() {
-c Enable colored output
-d Disable dependency checking
-D Set APKINDEX description (default: \$repo \$(git describe))
-f Force specified cmd, even if they are already done
-f Force specified cmd (skip checks: apk up to date, arch, libc)
-F Force run as root
-h Show this help
-i Install PKG after successful build
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