Commit 5a8993e1 authored by Timo Teräs's avatar Timo Teräs

abuild: $depends should not part of $makedepends_build

parent 53ae7256
......@@ -1836,7 +1836,7 @@ calcdeps() {
list_has $i $hostdeps && continue
builddeps="$builddeps $i"
for i in $EXTRADEPENDS_HOST $EXTRADEPENDS_TARGET $depends $makedepends_host; do
for i in $EXTRADEPENDS_HOST $EXTRADEPENDS_TARGET $makedepends_host; do
[ "$pkgname" = "${i%%[<>=]*}" ] && continue
list_has $i $hostdeps && continue
subpackages_has ${i%%[<>=]*} || hostdeps="$hostdeps $i"
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