Commit 4736a56c authored by Timo Teräs's avatar Timo Teräs

abuild: do not try to strip standalone elf images

Guile uses ELF is internal object format, and creates them as
"no machine" and "standlone" OSABI. Scanelf supports printing
OSABI, so use that to filter these out.

This also removes unneccessary 'sed' from the pipeline as it's
simple to read each field outputted by scanelf.
parent 56b8d450
......@@ -2142,9 +2142,9 @@ stripbin() {
msg "Stripping binaries"
scanelf --recursive --nobanner --etype "ET_DYN,ET_EXEC" . \
| sed -e 's:^ET_DYN ::' -e 's:^ET_EXEC ::' \
| while read filename; do
scanelf --recursive --nobanner --osabi --etype "ET_DYN,ET_EXEC" . \
| while read type osabi filename; do
[ "$osabi" != "STANDALONE" ] || continue
local XATTR=$(getfattr --match="" --dump "${filename}")
"${stripcmd}" "${filename}"
if [ -n "$XATTR" ]; then
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