Commit 45ad91b8 authored by Kiyoshi Aman's avatar Kiyoshi Aman

apkbuild-cpan: Emits runtime recommendations, depends on build recommendations.

parent 48b2794c
......@@ -244,8 +244,10 @@ sub do_depends {
my $deps = parse_deps $meta->effective_prereqs->requirements_for('runtime', 'requires');
say "CPAN deps: $deps";
say "Recommend: " . parse_deps $meta->effective_prereqs->requirements_for('runtime', 'recommends');
my $makedeps = parse_deps $meta->effective_prereqs->requirements_for('build', 'requires');
$makedeps = parse_deps $meta->effective_prereqs->requirements_for('build', 'recommends');
say "CPAN build deps: $makedeps";
my $text = read_file "APKBUILD";
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