Commit 32dbf36f authored by Timo Teräs's avatar Timo Teräs

abuild: use BOOTSTRAP to determine if build-base is needed

Just checking the build, host and target triplet is not enough
due to various different combinations used in the early bootstrap.
So use detect specifical bootstrap setting.
parent 5a8993e1
...@@ -1855,19 +1855,19 @@ calcdeps() { ...@@ -1855,19 +1855,19 @@ calcdeps() {
# build and install dependencies # build and install dependencies
builddeps() { builddeps() {
local pkg= i= missing= local pkg= i= missing= BUILD_BASE=
local installed_hostdeps= installed_builddeps= local installed_hostdeps= installed_builddeps=
[ -n "$nodeps" ] && return 0 [ -n "$nodeps" ] && return 0
msg "Analyzing dependencies..." msg "Analyzing dependencies..."
local BUILD_BASE="" case "$BOOTSTRAP" in
if cross_creating; then no*) BUILD_BASE="";;
options_has toolchain || BUILD_BASE="build-base-$CTARGET_ARCH" *) if cross_creating || cross_compiling; then
elif cross_compiling; then BUILD_BASE="build-base-$CTARGET_ARCH"
BUILD_BASE="build-base-$CTARGET_ARCH" else
else BUILD_BASE="build-base"
BUILD_BASE="build-base" fi
fi esac
calcdeps "$BUILD_BASE" calcdeps "$BUILD_BASE"
installed_builddeps=$($APK info --installed $builddeps) installed_builddeps=$($APK info --installed $builddeps)
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