Commit 3225884e authored by Ariadne Conill's avatar Ariadne Conill 🐰
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abuild: rootbld: fix order of bind-mounts given to bwrap

when building a package with abuildd, a copy of the git checkout is cloned to /tmp, which
causes difficulties.
parent 4b24af9e
......@@ -2152,9 +2152,9 @@ rootbld() {
--ro-bind "$HOME/.abuild" "$HOME/.abuild" \
--ro-bind "$aportsgit" "$aportsgit" \
--bind "$SRCDEST" "$SRCDEST" \
--bind "$BUILD_ROOT/tmp" /tmp \
--bind "$BUILD_ROOT/tmp/src" "$srcdir" \
--bind "$BUILD_ROOT/tmp/pkg" "$pkgbasedir" \
--bind "$BUILD_ROOT/tmp" /tmp \
--bind "$REPODEST" "$REPODEST" \
--hostname "build-$buildhost-$CARCH" \
--chdir "$startdir" \
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