Commit 270e5337 authored by Natanael Copa's avatar Natanael Copa

newapkbuild: rename _builddir to builddir

the _builddir should never been used bu abuild due to the _ prefix.
parent a1d23dc9
......@@ -197,15 +197,15 @@ source="$source"
abuild -f fetch unpack
# Figure out the _builddir
# Figure out the builddir
for i in src/*; do
if [ -d "$i" ]; then
_builddir=$(echo ${i#*/} | sed "s/$pv/\$pkgver/g")
builddir=$(echo ${i#*/} | sed "s/$pv/\$pkgver/g")
echo "_builddir=$_builddir" >> APKBUILD
echo "builddir=$builddir" >> APKBUILD
# Check if its autotools
if [ -z "$buildtype" ]; then
......@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@ __EOF__
# Create build() function
cat >>APKBUILD<<__EOF__
build() {
cd "\$_builddir"
cd "\$builddir"
case "$buildtype" in
......@@ -251,7 +251,7 @@ __EOF__
# Create package() function
cat >>APKBUILD<<__EOF__
package() {
cd "\$_builddir"
cd "\$builddir"
case "$buildtype" in
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