Commit 1cff62da authored by Natanael Copa's avatar Natanael Copa
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abuild: checksum modifies the APKBUILD directly

parent 71854c3f
......@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ md5check() {
return 0
if [ -z "$md5sums" ]; then
die "Use 'abuild checksum >>$APKBUILD' to generate a checksum"
die "Use 'abuild checksum' to generate/update the checksum(s)"
if [ "$(echo $source | wc -l)" -ne "$(echo $md5sums | wc -l)" ]; then
......@@ -494,14 +494,17 @@ builddeps() {
# replace the md5sums in the APKBUILD
checksum() {
local s files
msg "Updating the md5sums in APKBUILD..."
for s in $source; do
files="$files ${s##*/}"
md5sums="$(cd "$srcdir" && md5sum $files)" || die "md5sum failed"
echo "md5sums=\"$md5sums\""
sed -i -e '/^md5sums="/,/"\$/d; /^md5sums=''/,/''\$/d' "$APKBUILD"
echo "md5sums=\"$md5sums\"" >>"$APKBUILD"
stripbin() {
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