Commit 1a67bb56 authored by Matt Smith's avatar Matt Smith Committed by Natanael Copa

abuild: trivial update to new saveas-*:// support

Removed the asterisk from the beginning of the https check, and moved the
saveas- check above.
parent 09ea4c13
......@@ -177,17 +177,17 @@ uri_fetch() {
[ -n "$quiet" ] && opts="-q"
[ -f "$SRCDEST/$d" ] && return 0
# we need GNU wget for this
case "$uri" in
*https://*) opts="--no-check-certificate";;
# fix saveas-*://* URIs
case "$uri" in
# remove 'saveas-' from beginning and
# '/filename' from end of URI
saveas-*://*) uri="${uri:7:$(expr ${#uri} - 7 - ${#d} - 1)}";;
# we need GNU wget for this
case "$uri" in
https://*) opts="--no-check-certificate";;
mkdir -p "$SRCDEST"
if [ -f "$SRCDEST/$d.part" ]; then
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