Commit 178affc4 authored by Kiyoshi Aman's avatar Kiyoshi Aman
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apkbuild-cpan: 'check' output format changed; exit code 1 on version mismatch

parent b17e7c1d
......@@ -336,7 +336,10 @@ given ( $ARGV[0] ) {
when ('check') {
my ($apkbuild, $distdata) = get_data;
my $pkgver = $distdata->{releases}[0]->{version};
say "Latest version: $pkgver Packaged version: $apkbuild->{pkgver}";
say "$apkbuild->{pkgname}: Latest version: $pkgver Packaged version: $apkbuild->{pkgver}";
if ($pkgver ne $apkbuild->{pkgver}) {
when ("update") {
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