Commit 0bfe4efa authored by Tiago Ilieve's avatar Tiago Ilieve Committed by Carlo Landmeter
Browse files add multithreaded compression

The 'Compressing data' step takes a significant amount of time when
packaging software with huge binaries, like Kubernetes. This can
certainly be shortened using multithreaded compression, like 'pigz'.
parent 10020292
......@@ -1451,6 +1451,7 @@ human_size() {
create_apks() {
local file= dir= name= ver= apk= datadir= size=
local gzip=$(command -v pigz || echo gzip)
getpkgver || return 1
if ! options_has "!tracedeps"; then
for file in "$pkgbasedir"/.control.*/.PKGINFO; do
......@@ -1487,7 +1488,7 @@ create_apks() {
touch .dummy
set -- .dummy
tar --xattrs -f - -c "$@" | abuild-tar --hash | gzip -9 >"$dir"/data.tar.gz
tar --xattrs -f - -c "$@" | abuild-tar --hash | $gzip -9 >"$dir"/data.tar.gz
msg "Create checksum..."
# append the hash for data.tar.gz
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