Commit 0af20381 authored by Natanael Copa's avatar Natanael Copa
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abuild: add support for option 'ldpath-recursive'

This option will enable recursive search of shared-objects, which is
disable by default.
parent c57a9070
......@@ -942,15 +942,19 @@ find_scanelf_paths() {
scan_shared_objects() {
local name="$1" controldir="$2" datadir="$3"
local opt=
# allow spaces in paths
set -- $(find_scanelf_paths "$controldir" "$datadir")
unset IFS
if options_has "ldpath-recursive"; then
msg "Scanning shared objects"
# lets tell all the .so files this package provides in .provides-so
scanelf --nobanner --soname "$@" | while read etype soname file; do
scanelf --nobanner --soname $opt "$@" | while read etype soname file; do
# if soname field is missing, soname will be the filepath
if [ -z "$file" ]; then
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