Commit a769edbb authored by Ted Trask's avatar Ted Trask
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Fix logon failure string and return test results on failure

parent 70c138e4
......@@ -616,7 +616,7 @@ local connecttosource = function(source, cookiesfile)
local resultpage, errtxt = modelfunctions.run_executable({"wget", "-O", "-", "--no-check-certificate", "--save-cookies", cookiesfile, "--keep-session-cookies", "--post-file", cookiesfile, source.method.."://"..source.source.."/cgi-bin/acf/acf-util/logon/logon"})
if resultpage == "" then
logme("Failed to connect to "..source.sourcename)
elseif string.find(resultpage, "/acf-util/logon/logon") then
elseif string.find(resultpage, "/acf%-util/logon/logon") then
logme("Failed to log on to "..source.sourcename)
success = true
......@@ -901,11 +901,7 @@ function testsource(self, test)
-- fix the result
if test.errtxt then
test.descr = nil
test.descr = table.concat(test.descr, "\n") or ""
test.descr = table.concat(test.descr, "\n") or ""
logme = temp
return test
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