Commit 783e6c34 authored by Ted Trask's avatar Ted Trask

Added option to stop commit on error and changed default behavior to log error and continue

parent 724a6ede
......@@ -275,6 +275,8 @@ end
-- Process weblog and blocklog, combine into pubweblog and pubblocklog
-- empties weblog and blocklog
local importpubweblog = function()
local sql = "ANALYZE"
res = assert (con:execute(sql))
-- Merge equal blocks into weblog
sql = "update weblog set reason=blocklog.reason, " ..
"score=blocklog.score, shortreason=blocklog.shortreason from blocklog where " ..
......@@ -858,24 +860,36 @@ end
-- import either squid or dg log file.
-- delete logfile after
local function importlogfile(source, cookiesfile, file, parselog_func, importlog_func)
local tmp
logme("Getting " .. file )
local loghandle = openlogfile(source, cookiesfile, file)
logme("Processing " .. file )
local res, err = pcall(function()
con:execute("START TRANSACTION")
for line in loghandle:lines() do
tmp = line
local logentry = parselog_func(line)
importlog_func(logentry, source.sourcename)
assert(con:execute("SAVEPOINT before_line"))
local res2, err2 = pcall(function()
local logentry = parselog_func(line)
importlog_func(logentry, source.sourcename)
if not res2 then
if (config.stoponerror == "true") then
pcall(function() con:execute("ROLLBACK") end)
assert(con:execute("ROLLBACK TO before_line"))
pcall(function() logme("Exception on line:"..line) end)
if err2 then
pcall(function() logme(err2) end)
if (config.stoponerror == "true") then
assert(res2, "Import halted on exception")
if not res then
pcall(function() con:execute("ROLLBACK") end)
if tmp then
pcall(function() logme("Exception on line:"..tmp) end)
if err then
pcall(function() logme(err) end)
......@@ -1199,6 +1213,7 @@ function getconfig()
result.groupby = cfe({ type="select", value=config.groupby or "clientuserid", label="Group results by", option={"clientuserid", "clientip"} })
result.shorturi = cfe({ type="boolean", value=(config.shorturi == "true"), label="Truncate URLs", descr="You can limit the length of displayed URLs by enabling this option"})
result.shortreason = cfe({ type="boolean", value=(config.shortreason == "true"), label="Short Reason", descr="Display a short reason (without objectional words)"})
result.stoponerror = cfe({ type="boolean", value=(config.stoponerror == "true"), label="Stop on Error", descr="Stop import of logs if an error is encountered"})
return cfe({ type="group", value=result, label="Weblog Config" })
......@@ -1256,6 +1271,7 @@ function updateconfig(newconfig)
configcontent = format.update_ini_file(configcontent, "", "groupby", newconfig.value.groupby.value)
configcontent = format.update_ini_file(configcontent, "", "shorturi", tostring(newconfig.value.shorturi.value))
configcontent = format.update_ini_file(configcontent, "", "shortreason", tostring(newconfig.value.shortreason.value))
configcontent = format.update_ini_file(configcontent, "", "stoponerror", tostring(newconfig.value.stoponerror.value))
fs.write_file(configfile, configcontent)
config = format.parse_ini_file(configcontent, "") or {}
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