Commit 3071a856 authored by ttrask's avatar ttrask

Modify ipsectools-details to handle \n.

git-svn-id: svn:// ab2d0c66-481e-0410-8bed-d214d4d58bed
parent 77ae4bdb
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ else
local tags = {"Created","Source","Destination", "St", "Phase2details"}
for j,tag in pairs(tags) do
io.write("<TR><TD STYLE='font-weight:bold;width:120px;border:none;'>" ..
html.html_escape(entry[tag].label) .. "</TD><TD STYLE='border:none;'>"..html.html_escape(entry[tag].value))
html.html_escape(entry[tag].label) .. "</TD><TD STYLE='border:none;'>"..string.gsub(html.html_escape(entry[tag].value), "\n", "<BR>"))
if (entry[tag].descr) and (#entry[tag].descr > 0) then io.write(" (".. html.html_escape(entry[tag].descr) .. ")") end
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