Commit 78f149fc authored by Timo Teräs's avatar Timo Teräs
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scripts/ clean up cross-build extra dependency handling

Instead of apk adding dependencies to sysroot, use the EXTRADEPENDS_TARGET
to pass in these dependencies. This does not leave the sysroot in
dirty state, but instead cleans it up.
parent 88b19d17
......@@ -91,9 +91,8 @@ CTARGET=$TARGET_ARCH BOOTSTRAP=nobase APKBUILD=$(apkbuildname build-base) abuild
msg "Cross building base system"
# add implicit target prerequisite packages
apk info --quiet --installed --root "$CBUILDROOT" libgcc libstdc++ musl-dev || \
${SUDO_APK} --root "$CBUILDROOT" add --repository "$REPODEST/main" libgcc libstdc++ musl-dev
# Implicit dependencies for early targets
EXTRADEPENDS_TARGET="libgcc libstdc++ musl-dev"
# ordered cross-build
for PKG in fortify-headers linux-headers musl libc-dev pkgconf zlib \
......@@ -108,18 +107,17 @@ for PKG in fortify-headers linux-headers musl libc-dev pkgconf zlib \
community/go libffi community/ghc \
CHOST=$TARGET_ARCH BOOTSTRAP=bootimage APKBUILD=$(apkbuildname $PKG) abuild -r
case "$PKG" in
fortify-headers | libc-dev | build-base)
# headers packages which are implicit but mandatory dependency
apk info --quiet --installed --root "$CBUILDROOT" $PKG || \
${SUDO_APK} --update --root "$CBUILDROOT" --repository "$REPODEST/main" add $PKG
fortify-headers | libc-dev)
# Additional implicit dependencies once built
musl | gcc)
# target libraries rebuilt, force upgrade
[ "$(apk upgrade --root "$CBUILDROOT" --repository "$REPODEST/main" --available --simulate | wc -l)" -gt 1 ] &&
${SUDO_APK} upgrade --root "$CBUILDROOT" --repository "$REPODEST/main" --available
# After build-base, that alone is sufficient dependency in the target
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