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Commit 7c57b808 authored by Leo's avatar Leo

alint: add support for finding duplicates

parent cd4115bd
......@@ -61,6 +61,18 @@ find_repo() {
find_dupe() {
local pkgname="$1"
local repo="$2"
check_in_repo() { test -d "$1"/"$2" && echo "$1" ; }
for r in unmaintained testing community main; do
[ "$r" = "$repo" ] && continue
check_in_repo "$r" "$pkgname"
scan() {
local rx="$1" msg="$2"
grep -P -Hn -e "$rx" "$apkbuild" |
......@@ -186,6 +198,11 @@ for apkbuild; do
scan '^\t*[^ ]* *\(\)' 'do not use space before function parenthesis'
scan '^\t*[^ ]*\(\)(| *){' 'use one space after function parenthesis'
scan '^\t*[^ ]*\(\)$' 'do not use a newline before function opening brace'
for _r in $(find_dupe "$pkgname" "$_repo"); do
printf "$apkbuild:: package is already present in $_r\n"
# Don't perform these checks on packages from main
if ! [ -z "${apkbuild##*main/*}" ]; then
for phase in build check package; do
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