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CHANGES in 18.12.0:
- Fix location of newly added tags in alint.5
- Add secfixes-check, a lua5.3 script that checks secfixes section for
- Add tags for the secfixes-check:
- secfixes-missing-colon [AL37]
- pkgver-pkgrel-missing-colon [AL38]
- pkgver-pkgrel-invalid-pkgver [AL39]
- pkgver-pkgrel-invalid-pkgrel [AL40]
- cve-identifier-missing-hyphen [AL41]
- cve-identifier-missing-prefix [AL42]
- cve-identifier-invalid-characters [AL43]
- cve-identifier-invalid-year [AL44]
- cve-identifier-short-id [AL45]
- cve-identifier-hyphens [AL46]
CHANGES in 18.11.0:
- Add overwite-xflags to make sure contributors are not overriding variables
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