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......@@ -343,6 +343,26 @@ Variable has braces around it while it is not required, remove the braces.
Severity: Minor, Certainty: Possible
## cpan-variable [AL35]
The variables `cpandepends`, `cpanmakedepends` and `cpancheckdepends` were created
by the apkbuild-cpan program but are now deprecated and their contents must be merged
into the contents of its respective variable.
Severity: Minor, Certainty: Certain
## overwrite-xflags [AL36]
Don't overwrite `CFLAGS`, `GOFLAGS`, `CPPFLAGS`, `CXXFLAGS` and `FFLAGS`. There
flags are generally defined outside the of the APKBUILD and should not be
overwritten because they contain important flags that should not be discarded.
Instead, expand the variable. For example: `CFLAGS="$CFLAGS .."`
This list might be expanded as more variables are found that should not be
Severity: Serious, Certainty: Certain
# LABELS TAGS (initd-lint)
## unexpected-shebang-line [AL33]
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