Commit d2aa699b authored by Leo's avatar Leo
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Make the superfluous-cd-builddir tag more costly but more accurate

parent 31116596
......@@ -129,10 +129,48 @@ newline_opening_brace() {
superfluous_cd_builddir() {
sed -n "/^$1() {/,/^}/{p;=}" "$apkbuild" | grep -m 1 -B 1 'cd "$builddir"$' | head -1 | while read -r l; do
[ -z "$l" ] && continue
printf "$apkbuild:$l: cd \"\$builddir\" can be removed in phase '$1'\n"
local cds= cdscount= prevcd= phase="$1"
# All ocurrences of the 'cd' command being used
# 1. Print file with line numbers.
# 2. Print the function from the opening declaration up to the closing bracked
# 3. grep for all ocurrences of the 'cd' command (ignore obviously invalid ones
# like matching 'cd' until the end of the line)
cds="$(cat -n "$apkbuild" \
| sed -n "/^ [0-9].*\t$phase() {/,/[0-9].*\t}/p" \
| grep '\bcd ')"
# Number of ocurrences of the 'cd' command being used
# Used to tell if we are in a phase() with a single cd statement
# in that case we can be free to warn the user that their cd statement
# is superfluous if it is to "$builddir", this avoids problems of previous
# 'cd' statements to other places giving false positives
cdscount="$(printf "%s\\n" "$cds" | wc -l)"
# if the previous line had a 'cd "$builddir"' statement
# Use newline as our IFS delimiter, so we can iterate over lines with
# the for construct, since the while loop will create a subshell that
# prevents the value of the prevcd variable from being propagated
# to future runs
for line in $(printf "%s\\n" "$cds"); do
linenum="$(printf "%s\\n" "$line" | awk '{ print $1 }')"
statement="$(printf "%s\\n" "$line" | awk '{ $1="" ; print $0 }')"
[ -z "$statement" ] && continue
if echo "$statement" | grep -q 'cd "$builddir"\($\| \)'; then
if [ "$prevcd" -eq 1 ] || [ "$cdscount" -eq 1 ]; then
printf "%s:%s: cd \"\$builddir\" can be removed in phase '%s'\\n" "$apkbuild" "$linenum" "$phase"
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