Commit 9d2b4e5c authored by Leo's avatar Leo

fix(secfixes-check): pass the split string not the full line

also make a violation for having a security identifier we don't know
parent 41c80271
Pipeline #12308 passed with stage
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......@@ -271,9 +271,11 @@ local function main(arg)
for splitv in string.gmatch(v, "[^ ]+") do
if splitv:match("^CVE") then
checkCVE(v, k)
checkCVE(splitv, k)
elseif splitv:match("^GNUTLS%-SA") then
checkGNUTLS(v, k)
checkGNUTLS(splitv, k)
violation("unknown security identifier '"..splitv.."'", k, "52", "SC")
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