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......@@ -342,3 +342,22 @@ Severity: Minor, Certainty: Certain
Variable has braces around it while it is not required, remove the braces.
Severity: Minor, Certainty: Possible
# LABELS TAGS (initd-lint)
## unexpected-shebang-line [AL33]
OpenRC service files need to use `#!/sbin/openrc-run` to properly work. See
for more details.
Severity: Important, Certainty: Certain
## custom-start-stop-function [AL34]
It's discouraged to write custom start / stop function for service files. In
most cases it suffices to define `command`, `command_args`, and `pidfile`. See
for more information.
Severity: Important, Certainty: Certain
BINARIES="apkbuild-lint aports-lint apkbuild-fixer"
initd-lint - A linter for openrc init files shipped with Alpine Linux
*initd-lint* <initd...>
initd-lint is a linter for openrc init files shipped with Alpine Linux See
*alint(5)* under the initd-lint section for an explanation of each violation
that initd-lint checks for.
initd-lint will print the policy violations found and exit 1, if no violations
are found then nothing will be printed and it will exit 0.
initd-lint will print to stdout whenever a policy violation is found in the
following format
- *SEVERITY* refers to how severe a violation is, ranging from *S* to *M*.
- *CERTAINITY* refers to how likely it is not a false positive, ranging from *C* to *P*
- *TAG* refers to the tag of the violation, see *alint(5)* for more details.
- *PATH* refers to the path given for *apkbuild-lint* to check.
- *MSG* is a short message meant for humans to know what is the violation.
Maintained by Kevin Daudt <>
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