Commit 708662b8 authored by Leo's avatar Leo

feat(alint): add invalid-arch

parent f1b31429
......@@ -385,6 +385,16 @@ description should at the very least explain why the patch is necessary.
Severity: Minor, Certainty: Certain
## invalid-arch [AL57]
The variable 'arch' in the APKBUILD has an invalid value in it, the only options
are the name of the arches used by Alpine Linux and the strings 'noarch' and 'all'.
The variable CUSTOM_VALID_ARCHES can be used to denote other arches that are to be
considered valid, it takes a whitespace-separated list.
Severity: Serious, Certainty: Certain
# LABELS TAGS (initd-lint)
## unexpected-shebang-line [AL33]
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