Commit 21e85bde authored by Leo's avatar Leo

feat(secfixes-check): check for hyphens in GNUTLS-SA

parent 8be4261a
......@@ -172,6 +172,14 @@ local function checkGNUTLS(str, line)
violation("GNUTLS-SA ID given has a bad day, it needs to be between 01 and 31", line, "51", "SC")
local _, n = str:gsub("%-", "")
-- There must be exactly 4 hyphens, as the string is GNUTLS-SA-YYYY-MM-DD, but
-- we remove the GNUTLS-SA so we need to check for 3 only
if n ~= 3 then
violation("GNUTLS-SA ID must have exactly 4 hyphens", line, "51", "SC")
--- Check the CVE identifier for validity
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