Commit 1fb476a6 authored by Leo's avatar Leo

add NEWS

parent 9d7c21f2
CHANGES with 9:
- Implement build system based on redo (@Ikke)
- Fix sourcing of variable with bash in posix SH compatibility mode (@maxice8)
- Add pkgname-dirname-mismatch (@maxice8)
- Add missing SKIP_* directive to duplicate-package (@maxice8)
- Add initial testsuite based on bats (@Ikke)
- Fix parsing with different cat -n outputs (@Ikke)
- Fix pkgname-has-uppercase and expand its scope (@maxice8)
- Add tests for pkgname-has-uppercase (@maxice8)
- Add travis-ci support via .travis.yml (@maxice8)
- Add pkgver-has-pkgrel (@maxice8)
- Skip broken test on travis-ci (@maxice8)
- Do small fix in (@maxice8)
- Write first version of NEWS
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