Commit 058e53d7 authored by Leo's avatar Leo
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refactor(secfixes-check): rewrite sec identifier check to be generic

in the future it will allow us to check against things other than CVEs
parent 477e087f
......@@ -223,7 +223,20 @@ local function main(arg)
if v:match("^%s%s%S") then
checkRel(v:gsub("^%s+", ""), k)
elseif v:match("^%s%s%s%s%S") then
checkCVE(v:gsub("^%s+ %- ", ""), k)
v = v:gsub("^%s+ %- ", "")
-- Split the string by whitespace, as there can be multiple security
-- declarations in a single line, like so:
-- # secfixes:
-- 1.0.0-r0:
-- - CVE-2020-1000 XSA-1000 GNUTLS-SA-2020-03-01
for splitv in string.gmatch(v, "[^ ]+") do
if splitv:match("^CVE") then
checkCVE(v, k)
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