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community/py3-tqdm: upgrade to 4.59.0

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# Maintainer: Drew DeVault <>
pkgdesc="Fast, Extensible Progress Meter"
options="!check" # Broken on our current Python build due to setuptools version conflict
......@@ -48,4 +48,4 @@ package() {
ln -s tqdm-3 "$pkgdir"/usr/bin/tqdm
sha512sums="a97a7fc1d5a181d326e91bd017cf9737fd2322f375b8efe5e53c8e49c7986edcdea39086f5057a6d2584a16e2a45b5a679055ba08c83d813fff0a61050b71b45 tqdm-4.58.0.tar.gz"
sha512sums="be7ffe2f5e28dd2c653fdafd26cdfab6c89f1fd257420f9ab47460230318183b4934370261d7d5939d05f55b907e2d3982cbef078d372d9a4167e1df42c895a8 tqdm-4.59.0.tar.gz"
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