Verified Commit 07c12908 authored by TBK's avatar TBK

community/masscan: move from testing

- Clarify license
- Modernize
- Add doc subpkg
parent be4e9928
...@@ -2,28 +2,26 @@ ...@@ -2,28 +2,26 @@
# Maintainer: TBK <> # Maintainer: TBK <>
pkgname=masscan pkgname=masscan
pkgver=1.0.5 pkgver=1.0.5
pkgrel=0 pkgrel=1
pkgdesc="Mass IP port scanner - This is the fastest Internet port scanner." pkgdesc="TCP port scanner, spews SYN packets asynchronously, scanning entire Internet in under 5 minutes."
url="" url=""
arch="all" arch="all"
license="AGPL-3.0" license="AGPL-3.0-only"
makedepends="libpcap-dev linux-headers" makedepends="libpcap-dev linux-headers"
source="$pkgname-$pkgver.tar.gz::$pkgname/archive/$pkgver.tar.gz" subpackages="$pkgname-doc"
builddir="$srcdir/$pkgname-$pkgver" source="$pkgname-$pkgver.tar.gz::$pkgver.tar.gz"
build() { build() {
cd "$builddir" make CC="${CC:-gcc}" CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -I."
make CC="${CC:-gcc}" CFLAGS="${CFLAGS} -I."
} }
check() { check() {
cd "$builddir"
make test make test
} }
package() { package() {
cd "$builddir"
make DESTDIR="$pkgdir" install make DESTDIR="$pkgdir" install
install -Dm644 doc/masscan.8 -t "$pkgdir/usr/share/man/man8"
} }
sha512sums="55d58234994ebea10bcb3f45a24cdb51b020350faa116aee3a48861a119f66c339d1f533c978f52e37ccf5266be6fd2802765f13461d94eb28ec8d18c68e2f88 masscan-1.0.5.tar.gz" sha512sums="55d58234994ebea10bcb3f45a24cdb51b020350faa116aee3a48861a119f66c339d1f533c978f52e37ccf5266be6fd2802765f13461d94eb28ec8d18c68e2f88 masscan-1.0.5.tar.gz"
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